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I received a promo code for Parallels Access, how can I redeem it?

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Haven’t installed Parallels Access? See this Getting Started Guide for easy instructions.

Redeeming a promo code allows you to get a free non-renewable Parallels Access subscription.

A promo code is an alpha-numeric sequence of 12 characters length, that consists of latin characters A-Z and digits 0-9, e.g.: F12C64YHG4A3. The code should be sent to you by e-mail.

Note: redeeming a promo code is only available for user accounts without an active auto-renewable subscription for Parallels Access. Click here for instructions on disabling auto-renewal.

To redeem a promo please log in to your Parallels account at https://access.parallels.com/#/redeem. The Code Redemption tab should be opened.

Enter the promo code you have received into the Subscription Voucher Code Activation field, then click Submit. Note that you can do that from any device you like, either on your iPad or your computer.


You will receive a confirmation message if the code was redeemed successfully. Otherwise you'll see an error notification.

Each promo code can be used only once.

Once a promo code has been redeemed, make sure that Parallels Access agent is installed on the computer you would like to connect to and you are signed into your Parallels account. To sign in please follow the steps below:

1.click on the Parallels Access icon and choose Preferences from the drop-down menu:

Your text to link here...

2.enter the e-mail address and the password you used while creating a Parallels Account, sign in:

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3.after that go to the Parallels Access mobile application, sign in there as well and locate the remote computer you are connecting to. A free subscription will be waiting for you.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.: How can I acquire a promo-code to get a free Parallels Access subscription?

A: Promo codes are typically sent by email to Parallels customers individually as a special offer.

Q.: What if I don't see the "Code Redemption" page when I open the Parallels Access web portal?

A: You should open https://access.parallels.com/#/redeem to redeem the code.

Q.: What should I do when a free Parallels Access subscription provided to me via a promo code is ended?

A.: You can buy another subscription period from the Parallels Access mobile application: open Parallels Access and tap the "Subscribe" button located under your managed computer icon.

Q.: Should I redeem a promo code before installing the Parallels Access agent on a managed computer or after it?

A.: It does not matter.

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