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[HUB] 500 - Internal Server Error

  • Parallels Plesk Panel


I am getting 500 - Internal Server Error.

Cause & Resolution

The error is quite generic and can be caused by many things. Some of the possible causes of this error are described in the articles below.


  • 114058 For 10.x-11.x: Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder: PHP-CGI remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2012-1823)

  • 9755 "500 Internal server error" when trying to access Control Panel and websites
  • 1571 "Internal Server Error" occurs if I try to open the Tomcat application via the browser using a URL like http://SERVER_IP/WEB_APP/. If I use port 9080, it works (http://SERVER_IP:9080/WEB_APP/)
  • 114382 For 10.x (containers only): Internal Error 500 after PP 10 template installation on a Debian 5 container
  • 113418 For 9.x: Control Panel is down with error: "mod_fastcgi.c : pid not found: No child processes"
  • 8683 For 9.x: PP Control Panel freezes on backup file downloading
  • 113466 For 9.5: Control Panel shows error 500 if min-procs is 0
  • 5977 For 9.5: Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0 does not work on CentOS 4.x: "undefined symbol: PQescapeByteaConn"

  • 114917 Parallels Plesk Panel returns Internal Server Error 500 due to disabled ping ***NEW***
  • 1094 [FIX] Internal Server Error when browsing an .asp page on a domain
  • 114436 For 10.4, 11.x: Cannot open migrated site in SiteEditor - 500 Internal server error
  • 112530 For 10.x: Error in Plesk Panel CP: "Unable to place a FastCGI process in a JobObject"
  • 112606 For 10.x: PHP only works as an ISAPI extension, not as FastCGI because of outdated iisfcgi.dll
  • 9585 For 10.0.x: Internal Server Error 500 in Parallels Plesk Language Pack
  • 113370 For 9.5, 10.x: The Panel is down and showing "500 - Internal Server Error"
  • 111327 For 10.2: Health Monitor displays 500 Internal Server Error
  • 9507 For 10.0.x-10.1.1 MU#12: 500 Internal Server Error appears if I try to open phpMyAdmin
  • 9499 For 10.0.x: Parallels Plesk Panel does not allow viewing of uploaded applications

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