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I have installed Parallels Desktop, how do I use Parallels Mobile now?

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac


Please perform the following steps on your Mac:
  1. Make sure you have registered your copy of Parallels Desktop. Do register it if you have not done it yet. You may fail if you proceed without first having registered or if you have not created a Parallels account;
  2. If you are using PD 6.0, you must have at least one virtual machine installed with Parallels Tools inside. Create and install the VM before configuring Parallels Mobile app;
  3. Open the Preferences window by using the menu item Parallels Desktop > Preferences. Then click on Mobile at the top of the Preferences window;
  4. Enter the Email and Password you used when registering Parallels Desktop. Click "Login";
  5. Check the "Connect Parallels Mobile directly to my Mac" option. It is recommended to have this option turned ON;
  6. Install the Parallels Mobile app to your mobile device;
  7. Continue on the Parallels Mobile side as described in this article:
112305 I have installed Parallels Mobile app. How do I connect to my Mac or VM now?

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